Get Golf Ready

Coming in 2024

Developed by the PGA of America, Get Golf Ready is an affordable lesson package for new and beginning golfers. Come learn the game in a casual group setting for a fraction of what private lessons cost! 

Lesson 1: Putting Lesson – Posture. Grip. Alignment. Reading Greens. Introduction to all golf course areas including pro shop, driving range, chipping and putting greens.

Lesson 2: Chipping and Short Game – Grip. Set up. Purpose of chipping. Taking care of the course. Chipping vs pitching. Bunker play.

Lesson 3: Irons and Full Swing – Posture. Grip. Balance. Fairway vs rough. Loft and club selection.

Lesson 4: Driving the Ball – Set up. Grip. Tee height. How to generate speed. Balance.

9 Holes

With a 300 yard driving range,

chipping & putting green.


Our clubhouse has very limited space, but we do have a member lounge area. In our clubhouse, during the winter it serves as an indoor facility equipped with the GC Quad.

Country Club

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Skyway G&CC

432 N 1320 W

Tremonton, UT 84337